Toss a Name - COPE


The Challenge and Objectives
Participants will learn to recognize other members of the group by their adventure names—positive names that help participants feel good about themselves.

Tasks for the Instructor

  1.  Issue the challenge to the group.
    1. Form the group in a loose circle.
    2. Holding a tennis ball (or koosh ball or whatever), a leader begins the game by saying his or her name and then passing the ball to the person on the right. That person says his or her name (“Daring Dave” or “Mighty Michelle” etc.) and passes the ball to the next person, and so on until the leader again has the ball.
    3. Next, the leader calls out the name of someone in the circle and lofts the ball to that person. That person then calls another individual’s name and tosses the ball, and so on. The leader keeps adding balls until a number are simultaneously in play. The goal of the activity is communication, not speed, thus keeping the balls from touching the ground.

Safety Precautions

  1. Toss the ball easily rather than throwing it hard.

Variations for accomplishing the event

  1. While continuing to toss the ball and call names, slowly expand the diameter of the circle.
  2. While continuing to toss the ball and call names, slowly contract the circle until the group is so close that the game dissolves into laughter.
  3. After the names begin to flow, have the catcher thank the thrower by name.
  4. If participants already know one another’s names, they can choose nicknames to be used for the duration of the game or their time on the COPE course.
  5. At the end of the game, challenge participants to give the name or nickname of every other person.
  6. Add balls or other soft objects to toss until multiple objects are in rotation.
  7. See how fast the person can toss an object so that each person touches it once.  

Possible COPE Elements